About - Norbert Tukora

Norbert Tukora

Norbert Tukora is a fashion, beauty and portrait photographer and retoucher based out of Budapest, Hungary. He has been shooting for more than 3 years, and over that period of time he has developed a very unique style, with a keen eye for composition and detail. He began his journey into photography merely as a hobby after graduating with a degree in computer engineering in Budapest, and becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

First, he only shot landscapes and architecture, but in January of 2015 he ventured onto shooting people. It quickly became a successful endeavor.

Norbert’s first gear of choice was a Canon 650D and two Sigma Art lenses, the 24-105mm and the 50mm 1.4. But in 2016 he switched to the Nikon D810 and 85mm 1.4G. He uses the 85mm mainly for natural, and available light shoots, because it allows him to be close to his subject but also allows for nice compression and background blur. The “ background blur”, or "bokeh" and the post processing is what really makes he's pictures stand out.

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